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Expert Hacks by Our Interior Designers

  • udc
  • July 25, 2018

When it comes to home design, we love a good mood board, and we’re all for collecting inspirational designs which make us feel better , but nothing can replace the ease of working with an interior designers when we want to design our home.

Our interior designers are the best as they have years of experience in creating spaces that are deeply personal to their clients.
With this in mind, we and our favorite designers are willing to spill their best design secrets; the hacks we use time and again, what we want to do a quick room makeover for you.

Focus on a One Wall
Paint one wall of your favorite color and let everything pop!
Create a wall with some appeal. Use Wood strips , wallpaper with some texture and fake brick paneling can help your room and make everything look glowing and happy.


Consider New Table Accessories
Pick a great tray which should be a different material than the table and fill it with a succulent or coffee table book, and decorative items, Use different designs and textures to give a proper layered look.

Slip covers and Pillows Should be your close Friends

Your floral sofa may be too busy for the room. So, We can opt for a neutral slipcover and inject personality with fun, colorful pillows. Pick up on the wall color, the rug or even the artwork.Mix patterns and go crazy! Our formula should be typically a pattern, a solid and a geometric.

Create a Casual Looking Gallery Wall

Incorporating your artwork, family photos, and hanging plates and other cute knick-knacks from around the house.This is a super easy, Not so costly way to fill up a wall .


Buy a New Larger Rug
We can ground the space with a nice, new, big rug like Seagrass woven look or soft, patterned rug.


Shop Your Home
It’s important to take stock of what you already own before making a fresh start.
Take another look at pieces you have hidden away in a closet or rearrange pieces from other rooms in a new space to make them feel unique and updated.

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