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Designing Balcony with Terrace Garden

  • udc
  • September 28, 2018

When it comes to dressing up balcony , we need to take care a lot of things for designing our balcony with little terrace garden.


The basic design sensibility is to keep designs a simple as possible, the color scheme preferably white or offset with colorful furnishings, sober furniture, long ceilings and natural stained wood looks fancy.

We should set up our balcony with the beautiful plants we are certain of or what we love. Most of the apartments are 1/2 BHK in India. So, if they can look beautiful, that’s good.It should look like some quirky cafes, a clear night sky above, red rooftop houses, clean streets, lush green views, ancient architecture – it’s all a handy combination and we should try and make the most of what we have.


Selection of Plants
The plant selection is perennial, hardy and requires minimal maintenance with watering only 2-3 times per week. The potting mix we use is a mix of organic materials which is low weight and holds water longer than the typical red mud. This makes re-potting less frequent and maintenance easy to do.


A simple rug from Cottage Industries , garden/outdoor chairs from outlets,a lantern and colorful cushions is the thing. Most apartments are having single rectangle shaped balcony and double up for other things like drying clothes. So fitting in plants, clothes and furniture is a challenging task.
What we could do is, we can move plants to rail planters and free up the ground space.


A unkempt place looks just as pretty with the same components mixed and matched in bold colors to your taste.
This one is simple yet classy with no frills about it.


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