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Customized/Artificials Garden for Balcony ,Terrace or Backyard

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  • September 8, 2018

Plants can make life bearable, the air breathable, and have a calming effect like no other.
Thinking for design and installation Customized/Artificials Garden for Balcony ,Terrace or Backyard?,you should try us or visit at our shop.


We have objective of bringing nature into urban homes.We thrive on working with spaces that require creative and unique designs to enhance the client experience of the space.


No space is too small for a garden.
Space, or the lack of it, is the reality for us city-dwellers.
Few Challenges with spaces are
lack of spacing as few people does not want to use any floor space for planting
lack of sunlight.

Working around these limitations, we can install a customized garden with over 150 plants in various vertical garden concepts on the walls in just one balcony.
The ground floor garden might look good in tropical themes with plenty of colours and flowering plants.
These gardens should have extensive lighting source and should be watered under well built irrigation systems. The balcony sholuld be designed as container gardens; they must have a contemporary theme to match the interiors of the house.


What are the wooden blocks made of flooring of most garden – are they tiles or wood?
The flooring in garden is a mix of artificial grass, wooden deck tiles and a pebble border.
The wooden deck tiles are made a Brazalian Hardwood(eco friendly). It is a 100% natural wood,rich and has a long life.


What to use Artifical lawn or do you also install actual grass?
As an eco-concerned business we always suggest eco-friendly materials or organic materials.

We usually asks the clients ,option of a natural lawn or flooring. Natural grass lawns in balconies and terraces are challenging as they require the base layer of waterproofing to be done as a foundation and require a bit of maintenance and regular watering.

In spaces where the above requirements are difficult to deliver, we opt for the artificial grass lawns which are made of recycled rubber.
We also offer wooden deck tiles, wooden decks as well as tiling and different solutions.


If you are looking for these artificial lawns to bring a slice of nature into your home,please visit udc interiors.


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