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What does Colour of Our Interiors shows

  • udc
  • August 22, 2018

We’re seeing new trends every day, and it’s hard to maintain the pace, however adding a splash of colour to your décor and new colourful interior design trends Shows Your Personality.

Interior design allows us to express our personality through our design choices. Colours are the first thing one see when entering into any room, therefore selecting the right colour is one of the firm decision to make when decorating.

Scientists Believe we tend to pick colours that match our personalities. Colours have two tones, warm and cool, both having different sets of personality traits.

If you prefer cool toned colours such as blue, purple and green, you tend to have a calmer nature, are more quiet and peaceful . If blue is your choice, you’re more reliable and love to mange things accordingly. If you love purple , you are more artistic and experimental.
If you plaster your homes with splash of green you tend to be more at one with nature, whether this be through coloured walls or a house full of plants. Leaf prints are a perfect way to add a touch of nature into your interior, and match perfectly with brass and copper tones, especially if you’re like us and can’t keep a plant alive for longer than a week!

If you prefer warm toned colours such as orange, red and yellow, you tend to be more energetic, active . People who favour orange in their home are more into socialising and enjoying, inviting guests into their home, whereas people who prefer yellow, are often described as a ray of sunshine! as they love to share their knowledge with others. If you like red you’re meant to be more passionate and like to live life to the fullest.

Decide Interior and color accordingly
The colours that are around us affect our mood.
Our bedroom should have a calming effect as it’s the room we use to lay down and get rest at the end of every day – adding too many colours would give our minds too much to process.
The living room and kitchen are more energetic rooms, therefore , and more out there colours should be involved.

Touch of Colour with Painting , wall hangings and flex
You don’t need to add a lot of colour – just a touch of colour can do any room a world of good.
Another easy way to add a pop of colour without painting your walls is to integrate paintings into your home décor.

Pewter and Brass Are a Match Made in Heaven
The timeless duo, pewter and brass, can complement with any given colour. Both metallic colours add an industrial edge to any interior.Paired with dark walls, brass brings a dramatic and empowering element to any given room.Pewter gives colours a rustic and shabby-chic feel.

Mix and match your favourite design trends to put your own imagination on your décor. Imagination and artistery allows you to modernise your interior which charms the visitors.

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